Internationale Bildungsstätte Jugendhof Scheersberg: Zentrum für die kulturelle, soziale und politische Jugendbildung in Schleswig-Holstein



You apply via filling in the online form. Here you can find the direct link:

You’ll get the response whether you’re accepted,  waitlisted or declined in approx. January.

The decision is taken in the terms of forming the orchestra - the gender, religion  etc. don’t have any effect on that.

Participants from the Baltic states or Poland have the possibility to get a sponsorship. We’ll try to get as many places as possible, but it depends on the available raised money.


If  you are arriving by train please let us know in advance your time of arrival for “Sörup” train station. Write to Silke ( and let her know the exact data in advance. As we are organizing Shuttles to the Scheersberg, please call 30 minutes before arriving at the station.
Unfortunately the trains are rarely on time…
+49 (0) 4632 84 80 0

The departure will be on Tuesday, 14th April 2020, where we will bring you back to “Sörup” train station if needed.  Otherwise the German- Scandinavian music week will end here after breakfast.

Opening evening:
The official DSM opening will be Saturday, 4th April 2020 at 08:30 pm. Every country will present itself this evening, therefore it would be fantastic if you already think about something characteristic of your country (e.g. a song or something else).
To rehearse every nation will meet at 8 pm in different rooms!
That will be fun, we are all looking forward to this opening again.

What do I have to bring with me?

Sanitary equipment: 
There will be bed linen and 2 little towels are at hand. But please bring your needed personal sanitary products such as shampoo, shower gel, body lotions and soap.

Sheet music/ instruments:
Orchestra: You don’t need to bring a music stand, we offer them! Of course remember your own instrument, which must be covered by your insurance.
Choir: You’ll get all your needed sheets, so remember yourself only.

It would be great if you could bring some sheet music you like, which could be presented solo or in groups at the in-house concerts.
We would also be glad, if you will bring along sheet music for chamber music. There will be the possibility to present chamber music, which has been worked on during the week, in in-house concerts.

Please remember black concert clothing and your favourite sheet music for chamber !
All the concerts will be on following days:


Please keep in mind that the Scheersberg  does not accept EC- or credit cards. Therefore please have enough cash money/ pocket change with you for our bar or anything else.

What we've got here

Entertainment possibilities:
Here we have a bar incl. lounge, pool tables, a huge chess game, table football, a fireplace with BBQ and a sports field. The Baltic Sea is about 1 hour away by foot, by car 5-10 minutes. There will also be the possibility to visit and enjoy Flensburg one day during in the week.

You don’t have necessarily to bring any food, there will be 4 meals per day. Please indicate if you want vegetarian, vegan or -because of allergies- particular food.
Here are also two vending machines for sweets and drinks, payment is only in coins.
Otherwise there’s a supermarket nearby, 4km away.