Internationale Bildungsstätte Jugendhof Scheersberg: Zentrum für die kulturelle, soziale und politische Jugendbildung in Schleswig-Holstein

  • Musik & Tanz

Mari Visnapuu

Organisation for in-house concerts and Folk dance

My name is Mari Visnapuu, I was born in Tartu, Estonia in December 1988. I’m currently studying the classical piano in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with Lauri Väinmaa. Folk music came into my focus about 6 years ago, when I started with the Estonian bagpipe and Irish tinwhistle. Since then, playing together with other musicians for folkdance evenings, performing, giving folkdance workshops, and teaching the folk instruments, have gradually become more and more important in my musical activity.

  • Musik & Tanz

Olivija Popovaitė

Organization and assistance for dance floor and folk dance rhythms

My name is Olivija Popovaitė. I was born in 1993.10.06 in Vilnius, Lithuania. I play the oboe since I‘m 10 years old. Concerts and competitions are the part of my everyday life. Now, I am studying oboe in the Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius. Since 2012 I‘m participating in the German-Scandinavian Music Week. In 2014 I became responsible for the organisation and moderation of the in-house concerts together with Mari. We are an inseparable team there and also on the dance floor where we leap in the folk dance rhythms.

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