Internationale Bildungsstätte Jugendhof Scheersberg: Zentrum für die kulturelle, soziale und politische Jugendbildung in Schleswig-Holstein

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Welcome to Scheersberg!


If the tower is not open, please ask for information about the opening hours at the secretariat of the IBJ Scheersberg.

Viewing platform: View over the landscape

Transformation of a border region

Angeln in the period of National Socialism

Turmoil in the border region

A monument in Angeln: The Bismarck Tower

You can find more information about the topics related to the exhibition in: 

Schleswig-Holstein 1800 bis heute. Eine historische Landeskunde”, published by Uwe Danker and Utz Schliesky, 2014. Available (in German) in the Scheersberg secretariat or at

Dear Visitors,

The most northern Bismarck Tower in Germany rises up before you. From its viewing platform, you have a glorious view over Angeln. The region stretches from the Flensburg Fjord in the north to the Schlei in the south and merges into the Geest Ridge region in the west along the A7. In around the year 1900, a group of Angeln inhabitants erected this tower in honour of Otto von Bismarck.

“We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world”

Deliberately abbreviated Bismarck quote above the entrance door

The builders and donors revealed their German national leanings and expressed their support for clear borders in the deliberately abbreviated Bismarck quote above the entrance door (“We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world”). They viewed our Danish neighbours with hostility. The tower was built in a period in which suspicion and mistrust dominated the relationship of the neighbours Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark.

Today, the relationship is marked by close ties between the two countries. There is a wide variety of cultural exchanges and relations are friendly.

In the Bismarck Tower, you can learn more about how the two nations have come to live peacefully side by side and the developments in the region of Angeln. The back of this plaque provides details of further subjects. The exhibition was created in the course of the renovation work on the Bismarck Tower in 2018 and was prepared by the Institute for Contemporary and Regional History in Schleswig-Holstein headed by Prof. Dr. Robert Bohn and assisted by Elmar Moldenhauer and Aaron Jessen. 

Karsten Biermann
Director IBJ Scheersberg